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Trying to collect from a customer who has yet to pay you?

Let’s face it, the economy is still in the hole and as a business owner that is already a big strike against you. But what happens when you sign a contract with a customer, complete the work or deliver a product and then they never pay you? You’re shaking your head right now aren’t you because you have either had this happen to you before or you’re currently going through this with one of your customers. Apparently some customers are looking to take advantage of businesses and get something for free (imagine that!).

As business owners if you follow the rules, do your job and have a contract in hand with the customer then you have every right to collect your money from them. But how do you collect it? From a collections agency who charges you an arm and leg with percentages when you do collect it? No. You use a little something we call a “beware letter.” It’s our tool we create with BB to help fellow business owners collect from no-pay customers where you keep all the money and don’t pay a percentage. It’s a way to let the customer know that you do have a voice as a business owner and all you want to do is to work out the situation and get paid without going to court/litigation etc.

Here’s a very recent testimonial that just came in today actually:

“I just wanted to let you know that a few days after the customer got your letter, they called me and said they would have the check in the mail to me that day. I just got the check and they paid in full! I had tried for 6 months to collect from them and never would hear back from them by the invoices I sent or voicemail’s that I left for them. A friend referred me to Business Beware and I am so grateful they did and now will continue to use this service rather than using a collection agency. Thank you so much for providing this to a small business owner just trying to do what they love and make a living!”

Joseph Rogers, Houston, TX

Just knowing that we get to help small business owners coast to coast through what we do makes everything we do worthwhile. Just a note that the letter also has a 96% return rate too. Interested in learning more? Just hop over to BusinessBeware.Biz and get all the deets.

Go with your gut. 

Just some advice when taking on new customers with your business…go with your gut. If a customer from the start wants a discount usually that means that they will want an even further reduction down the road. This should tell you everything you need to know upfront about them. If they complain, take time away from good customers, cause headaches and cost you money then you need to fire them. You as the business owner have every right to fire a customer if they don’t fit your business.

Have you ever had a customer not want to pay you after a job?


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