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Have you ever wanted to have a job where you got to be at the beach all day? Running a paddleboarding business is not a walk in the park although it definitely has it’s perks.

You know when you go on vacation and you get the chance to take snowboarding lessons, surfing lessons and you immediately think to yourself “I could totally do this and be one happy person…” It’s great to picture that life and think it would be as wonderful as a Jimmy Buffet song but it’s not. With any business you’re going to run into problems, deal with customers, work 24/7 and then repeat the following day. Don’t get me wrong, it would be totally worth it to wake up every morning and have the beach or mountains to take in while you work but it’s still work.

We wanted to know what it was like to run a paddleboarding business and get the real details on the behind the scenes we don’t see when we leave the boards on the beach and head up to our hotel. Bob McFarland has been around watersports since the 80’s and has a very strong passion for what he does but he will be the first to admit that “it’s hard work.” He shares what he goes through to keep the business going, advice for those wanting to start a SUP business and advice to all business owners on just how important your internet presence truly is.

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Also special thanks to Lido Beach Resort for letting us shoot the interview and paddleboard at their beach area.

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