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We have come across some of the coolest message boards and drawing/design boards. Check out these sweet DIY ideas to add to your office!

This first inspiration comes from How cool would it be to have an entire wall in your office of a chalkboard to write down ideas, brian-storm, create new ideas etc. You can create these walls by purchasing DIY chalkboard paint from places such as or If you like this idea, but are not down with the chalkboard… (some people have a fear of nails on a chalkboard, or even worse… of the chalk, just saying =] ) Try IdeaPaint! This stuff is too cool and you get the same effect… only as a whiteboard/dry-erase board. Awesome!

This inspiration is brought to you by MadeByGirl. We are loving this idea as it is clean and chic, yet fun and simple. Find a cheap frame (you could use a thicker pretty frame, or a basic thin one as seen in the photo) and attach a small-opening wire netting or chicken wire if you are feeling a little crazy! Staple the wire/netting to the back of the frame tightly and viola! You have this awesome message board to keep all of your notes/To-Dos in order and looking sweet at the office! To hook these notes we would suggest pins or hooks, hey paperclips would be cool too!

Our next inspiration is from We love how the entire wall above the office desk is being utilized for this message board (or should we say message wall?). It looks as though they have used binder clips nailed to the wall to hang each item up. This is fun because you can definitely make it your own! Hang the items in a straight line as they did… or make it crazy and scatter them everywhere. Be organized and hang them by categories, by colors, by object type and more! Get to it!

Our last inspiration was borrowed from ForTheLoveOfGold. Loving the clean look with the frame and the dark blue fabric background. This is fun because you can give your office that nice “pop” of color you’re looking for! Another reason why we love this DIY so much is beacuse of the mirror in the middle of the board, it almost appears to be a fisheye too! To make this we would suggest taking an already made corkboard, or buying cork and putting it into a frame, then attaching fabric to the cork, and then putting the frame back together. You can use your typical push pins or mix it up with some unique or colorful pins.

That’s all for today… we hope that you enjoy!

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