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Have you ever had to think about rebranding your business or changing the name?

Sometimes when running a business you have to make changes, bend with the wind, roll with the punches etc. But when do you know that you need to make a change? Most of the time your customers can tell you everything you need to know. We found a clip from Bar Rescue where a business owner didn’t want to face the fact that customers didn’t like the name of his business because it was in reference to something else. The owner didn’t want to listen to the feedback he was given and was not willing to change the name….or at least at first he wasn’t.

You could have a great business but if you don’t listen to feedback people give you then you might just miss out on bringing in some great customers and future business. Yes, it’s hard to get over the pride thing and admit that you need to make a change BUT get over it. It’s easier to change than to swallow the fact that you have to shut down because you were too prideful to change something.

We also found another clip where Guy Kawasaki talks about entrepreneurship and fear. We all have fears because we’re human but in business it’s about overcoming fear and obstacles. Check out the video clip we found from Entrepreneur.com and our advice on the subject.

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