Tips On Relocating Your Small Business

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Are you getting ready to relocate your business?

Business relocation usually happens when you  need more room to expand, need to downsize and pay less in rent etc. This can be a huge deal depending on where you decide to move to and often times you don’t think about ALL of the things you need to consider when relocating (permits, fees, zoning). Robert and Paula discuss the importance of taking the proper steps and precautions for your business prior to relocating your business, as well as after the move has been made.

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  1. Mike Gentry /

    Great tips! We have been contemplating this for a while and not sure what is the right fit for us but so many factors play into the decision! Glad to know we’re not the only ones facing this alone.

    Enjoying the show on Biz TV!

  2. Lacey S. /

    We just had to go through this a few months ago! The problem was that we moved and had no idea about all the zoning codes and permits we had to get. It was such a nightmare but partly our own fault because we didn’t dive in deep enough about the statistics of it, but yet nobody at the county/permit place said that we would have issues. So anyone moving make sure you check out the zoning and permit criteria for future headaches…Great information!

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