So many of us small business owners and entrepreneurs work from our homes… but not all of us can say that we have a designated room/bedroom turned into our own homey office. We are going to show you some awesome desk ideas that can be done for very little and in the comfort of your home! Whether you take it upon yourself to build these beautiful desks, or you decide to turn an already bought/in-use structure… we’re going to show you how to make it look awesome!

Our first inspiration comes from ApartmentTherapy and This unique desk idea is built into an already existing closet in the home. Do you struggle to keep your office desk clean and tidy? Well if so than this is the perfect option for you! Simply open the doors to get to work and shut them once you are finished… Now we know all of you will keep things tiday and organized, that is why we decided to share some more positives to this idea. Photo credit above.

Worried about keeping your office and business private? When you are entertaining and have company over, this will keep everything behind closed doors and know one will ever know! Also… this is a good way to give yourself some time away from work… shut those doors and do something fun!

Find these shelves for cheap at your local hardware store/Wal-Mart, etc.

This inspiration is brought to you by ApartmentTherapy as well. Ladies this one is for you! We love the coloring chosen here in this home office DIY… the light blue gives the office a fresh breath of air and the floral pattern makes it fun and we LOVE fun. =)

This option also gives you a lot of organizing space on the doors… on the left side you will notice the pegboard holder various tools and files, while on the right we see the use of magnets and clips for holding important papers/calendars and so on. The shelving located inside and above the desk is a perfect way to use all of the available space inside of the closet… leave no space to waste people! Bravo on this one!

Our last inspiration for your DIY office desk is from Better Homes and Gardens. They have taken a piece of furniture they already owned, and created a cozy desk for their home office. Old armoires can be found through online sales and auctions, estate sales, your home, etc. Never overlook an amazing piece like this… refurbishing them is part of the fun!

Try covering cork-board with fabric and then mounting then onto the walls like they have, this way you can use the walls and doors as memo boards with notes and such. It looks as if they have used an already existing shelf inside the armoire, but feel free to add more for extra storage (not to mention the cabinets below for storage). This option will be more for an organized-prone (ok, neat freaks)… due to the smaller amount of space, but hey it’s still pretty sweet!