Inspiration for your office: Awesome Calendars, Go Paperless!

Nowadays, we have so many ways to keep track of our schedules through technology. Whether you’re smartphone, iPad/tablet, computer etc. everyone seems to keep track while on the move! Well here at Business Beware, we too have to be kept on track while on the go… but one of the most important things in our office will continue to be our calendars! We are constantly updating these calendars to keep everyone on track. Sure everyone still has their own schedule to keep up with, but when it comes to deadlines and keeping a show running, we all need to be on the same page!!

We decided to find some awesome ideas for all of you to get inspired by! These calendars are all DIY and cheap to make (save that piggy bank because he’s hungry!!) Enjoy =)

This first inspiration comes to you from Practical Enrichment. This is such a unique take on a calendar for the office or a home office. They have taken an old door, distressed it and added chalkboards for each day of the week. (The magnets are also a cool touch). Chalkboards are an easy and quick way to erase and reuse without having to waste paper with those regular, boring, old paper calendars! Spice up your office with this rustic wall art/calendar!

Our next inspiration comes from The Aesthetic Writer. This simple calendar can be made with an old picture frame (you could find one of these at a bargain store, yard sale, your garage… etc). Use a solid color or pattern for the background, and in this case the creators used paint chips as the squares for each day. These paint chips can be found at your local paint store, Lowe’s or Home Depot, and the leftovers can be used for numerous other cool DIYs! The glass makes for a great dry-erase calendar… and it is as simple as that!

Our last inspiration for an office calendar is from Stylizimo. This idea combines the previous two calendars by intertwining the blackboard and the squares for each separate day. We love the classic black and white of this office and the clean lines of the calendar. Once again, this is a eco-friendly choice when compared to using paper calendars… those things are boring anyways!