Inspiration for your office: Getting Organized

A common problem that come across with business owners is a lack of organization. Getting yourself organized can make a world of a difference in your office or your home office. Check out the photos below of some of our favorites on how to easily get on track to make your life at work much easier for everyone!

This inspiration comes from Decor8. Notice how clean the desktop is… no clutter! We love the clipboards mounted onto the wall in a square fashion. the colors against the white wall also give the room a nice “pop.” This simple technique can be used to organize papers, ideas, photos, etc. We also suggest labeling the clipboards for an extra organizational tip =)

Our next inspiration comes from Tobi’s Blog. This is truly an all-in-one example of organization for your office/desk. Each board hung on the wall offers it’s own duties such as the calendar seen on the right, the whiteboard found on the left for notes, the mail holder near the top of the wall, and so on. Each serves it’s own purpose while following the same pattern of organization! We love the dark wood desk and frames against the neutral wall color as well! Have fun with these and make them your own.

This inspiration was taken from Organize With Cindy. Here we find another take on the wall organization use of calendars, dry-erase boards, cork-boards and more. We wanted to show this option as they are all connected and seem to be a little bit larger than the frames in the previous picture.

Our last inspiration for getting your office organized comes from Southern Hospitality. This is a simple trick that can easily take junk off of your desk instead of letting it clutter up your desk. Simple screw two hooks into the wall near your desk, attach a ribbon or sturdy string and hook items over. Simple!