Inspiration for your office: The bookshelf

Are you getting ready to move into a new office, create a home office or just ready to bring in some new decor to spruce up your office look? If you’re like us and get the bug to redecorate every so often (maybe it’s just a girl thing) we found some inspiration to share with you. How your office is decorated can have a huge effect on your mood. It’s like painting blue in your room for a calm and relaxing feel to it.

One common item in an office is a bookshelf. Bookshelves are great for storing supplies, books related to your business, books for decor etc. Sometimes a bookshelf is one of the most overlooked item where it becomes cluttered and full of random things as a catch-all. You may be lacking motivation or just don’t know how to get creative about your bookshelf decor. So we gathered together some of our favorite styles we’ve come across on the web to help get your creative juices flowing.

This inspiration comes from Jo Blogs. This was created by using a basic shipping pallet. Have some extra pallets laying around the office or from the warehouse?

This inspiration comes from someone at Scott Dallas on Google+  This is definitely different but oh so cool! Instead of using the word “READ” you could do your business name (obviously not if it’s a ridiculous long name), business initials or whatever you want basically. It adds character and it’s intriguing.

This inspiration comes from Funky Bear Decor.  The great thing about this is that you can make this from even just simple wooden pallets or shipping materials. This would be great for brochure displays in your office for customers or even magazines if you have a waiting area for customers.

This inspiration comes from See Me Everywhere. One reason we love this bookcase is because the popular square shaped shelves can be fit with numerous shapes and sizes of boxes, bins, binders etc. This shelving system can be used in your office to lighten the room, organize clutter, and make a statement. Get creative with it… stacking, organizing, color-coding, labeling and much more! We also love the decor details found on the bookcase. Notice the personalized picture frame and the items located above the shelves… Awesome!

This last inspiration comes from Retropolitan. We love the rustic look of these crates and the dark color against the white walls. Simply find some old crates (you can find these online, at a wine distributor… they will practically give them away!) What a cool look for such an easy and cheap project!

Building your own bookshelf thanks to DIY Network

If you’re a go-getter and want to build your bookshelf from scratch then here is a great step-by-step guide for you from the awesome DIY Network. Now get to work and make something awesome.