Yes, it’s time for a CustoMonster and Stuck on Stupid story time.

It’s amazing how many customers out there get ticked at businesses so easily, especially with food chains. Don’t mess with people when they’re hungry and don’t get what they want because they bring out their inner CustoMonster.

photo credit: hubpages

A customer called Taco Bell to tell them that his two XL Chalupas had insufficient meat and he demanded it to be fixed. The employee that picked up let him know that they were about to close the store and they wouldn’t be able to help him out. Apparently the customer replied with “that’s alright, I’ll just come by and redecorate the place.”

After the call and later on that night there was a blaze that erupted outside the drive-thru window. The Police found a melted plastic bottle with liquid inside at the scene.  Also at the scene: a large sign that says “Come Try The New XXL Chalupa. Bigger Is Better.” The suspect is still at large, the search impeded by the poor quality of the security cam footage.

Original article here: Cops Hunt Man Who Firebombed Taco Bell Because His Chalupas Had Too Little Meat [The Smoking Gun]