It’s obvious that everything is going up in price that you have to pay for as a small business owner. And as business owners you know why they do have to increase the prices (or at least most of the time we know why…other times…well…). One thing you do everyday as a business owner is use the mailing system whether you send out invoices, ship packages/products, send out flyers for marketing etc. But you probably have noticed the cost starting to rise too. Here are 5 ways you can save on the rising mailing costs:

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1. Plan better. Having to spring for overnight delivery costs a bundle. Push back your mailing deadlines and send letters and packages by regular mail. As USPS deliveries may slow down, this could be even more important.

2. Prune your list. How current is the mailing list you’re using? Maybe it’s time to clean out your list. Send a postcard asking interested customers to respond to stay on the list. Cut the deadwood and lower your mail charges.

3. Compare costs. If USPS prices rise, competing offerings from UPS, FedEx and others may look more and more attractive. But even now — before any changes kick in — it might be worthwhile to reach out and see if there are cost or service advantages to switching all of your mail business to a competitor.

4. Switch to email. For letters, try an email marketing program such as AWeber orMailchimp to deliver that great-looking flier to customers’ email inboxes instead of their mailboxes. If you’re concerned customers won’t like it, mail them and ask for email opt-in. (You’ll probably be surprised how many will prefer virtual delivery.) An added bonus: if you didn’t have them before, now you’ve captured current customer email addresses.

5. Try private electronic mail. Some big companies and government agencies are already taking advantage of new services such as Zumbox and Earth Class Mail, which allow you to send full-featured, clickable messages to customers’ private electronic mailboxes for retrieval from wherever they are — not just at home. This keeps your message out of clogged email inboxes.

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