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We actually read this a few days ago from and couldn’t believe it. Woke up this morning and it was on the Today Show with more of a breakdown of the story.

From listening to the interview it sounds like another typical CustoMonster (our term for customers that cannot be pleased, see BusinessBeware.Biz) It doesn’t matter what the situation is or what happened, you just don’t do something like this and then stiff them for a tip. It happens too often that customers feel they can say or do whatever they want to businesses or employees without facing repercussions.

The waitress took her thoughts to social media through Facebook and let the customer know what she thought about him and what he did. Should she have taken it to social media? Maybe not, but it all started with the rude customer and the fact that she was literally hurt.

We hear these stories all the time with business owners we speak with through the show and our mission with BB. It’s sad that some customers out there feel it’s okay to do this to people. Maybe if more would stand up for themselves like this waitress, CustoMonsters would think twice about being such jerks.