We recently had the pleasure of trying out Chipkos sandals and only have good things to say about them! These sandals are durable and long-lasting… and not to mention comfortable! Take them outdoors, wear them on the boat or to the beach… heck, wear them for a night on the town!

“Chipkos Original Sandals are intended to make a statement… Chipkos boldly break the norms, challenging the
standard round-shaped flop.”

Check out more details below about Chipkos and their Stand for the Planet!

About Chipkos: 

Chipkos takes inspirations from The Chipko Movement, a historic environmental effort that first took place in India in the 17th century. Indigenous villagers protested protested against logging of their land by attaching themselves to their trees. “Chipko” is a sanskirt word meaning “to stick.” By literally sticking to their trees, the villagers can be looked at as the first “treehuggers.” The Chipko Movement was the first group environmental effort ever recorded in history.

About Chipkos Original Sandal: 

Chipkos Original Sandals are inspired by the classic Indian Osho  chappal, which first became popular in the 1960s in the ashram scene of India. Oshos represent a connection with the Earth, spiritual awareness and mindful thought. The sandals are comfortable yet durable that can be worn for urban dwelling or outdoor adventuring. Chipkos are 100% vegan and are produced with low impact, environmentally friendly materials. For each pair of Chipkos sandals purchased, Chipkos will protect 100 square feet of endangered rain forest. Chipkos Original Sandals come in men’s and women’s both available in white, red, and black.

About Chipkos Ahimas Wrist Cuff: 

Ahimsa is a sanskrit word meaning “non-violent resistance.” One of the main tenets of the Original Chipko Movement was the practice of Ahimsa. Chipkos celebrates the peaceful efforts of The Chipko Movement with these Chipkos AHIMAS wrist cuff. Made from eco-friendly copper, AHIMAS wrist cuffs include two healing magnets on either side of the interior of the bracelet. For each Ahimsa wrist cuff purchased, Chipkos will protect 100 square feet of endangered rain forest.

About Stand for the Planet

Chipkos believes that sandals have the power to protect more than just your feet. Chipkos is on a mission to conserve 100,000,000 square feet of rain forest for the protection and preservation of land, species and natural resources. Join

Chipkos in their journey to save 1 square mile at a time and protect these endangered habitats! Check out more information and some awesome photos of actual animals found in the Costa Rican rain forest that Chipkos is working to protect here.

Chipkos Footwear is an eco-friendly footwear company that protects one hundred square feet of the rain forest per product purchased. Chipkos is most well known for their Chipkos Original Sandals available for men and women. Chipkos and its ‘Stand for the Planet’ rain forest adoption campaign have been featured by a number of top publications such as TIME, NY Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, AOL, Huffington Post, TreeHugger and Glamour Magazine.

Thank you to Priya Dua and her team at Chipkos and keep up the amazing work!

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