You gotta be passionate ya’ll.

We are all huge fans of Paula Deen’s (and not just because we hail from the South) cooking and her business skills. She is one inspiring woman and if you don’t know much about her, you should definitely pick up her book. It tells her background story and how started out her entrepreneur venture with $200 in her pocket.

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1. Be Passionate.

2. Make the best product you can at a reasonable price. “I had $200 when I started my little business,” she says.

3. Experiment. “Use your friends and family as guinea pigs,” she says. “Explore your talents.”

4. Know the business. “I turned to the state and I took advantage of the people they had in the Small Business Administration  to help just feed me information and take me on to my next spot.”

5. Take small steps. “If you make small steps and you fail at some point, the fall’s not nearly as long,” she says. “Mine has been in the process now of over 20 years.”

Paula is 100% right on all 5 of these tips. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use your family and friends to get real feedback. Too many times (especially young entrepreneurs) jump in with full force rather than taking small steps to achieve the goal. You remember the the “tortoise and the hare” story? You can learn something from that even as a business owner. Learn more about Paula on her website