We get asked this question a lot and it’s never an easy thing to when you have to pick up your business and move (trust us we have done it 3 times in the last 3 years..). There are numerous reasons why you need to relocate your business whether it’s because you need larger space for equipment, needing to save money on the rent or maybe you need to downgrade like most have had to do with the state of our economy. No matter what the reason it can be pain to move but also the fact that you  have to face the fact that it means CHANGE is coming.

Instead of focusing on the negative of moving your business, here are some ways that it could ultimately be a good thing for your business in the long run

photo credit: Flat Rate Moving

1. Better Access

Sometimes moving to another location can open up the possibilities of a better demographic and new customers you didn’t know were out there. You may find that you are closer to other venues that you use through your business and work with on a monthly/daily basis right in your backyard. And of course one of the most important is that you may be closer to a few lunch places (as we all know that lunch is one key ingredient to get the job done everyday).

2. Cheaper Rent and Cost

One of the big reasons to move might be to bring down your rent cost and if that is the case this can definitely save you each month. THE ONLY THING you need to be aware of when you move is to make sure and check out why that place is vacant, how long it’s been vacant (in case there is a odd reason) and check the zoning in case you have crazy rules/extra fees to be there. Often too many times you will start renting a place and the county or area people will slap on ridiculous fees that they don’t forewarn you about in the beginning. The positive is you can really save some money with the move but just make sure you do your homework beforehand too.

3. New Kid On The Block

This can actually be a good thing because when customers and even fellow business owners learn about a new business they instantly want to learn more about you, even if they might not use your business. It opens up great opportunities for you to chat with new people and let them get to know you. Even if they don’t use your business, make an impression so they are sure to let others know about you. You only get one chance to make a first impression so don’t screw it up, kidding but seriously…

 Nothing about business is easy, especially starting out but you have to know that you are the make it or break it factor. So are you going to make it or break it?

What’s been the best thing about moving your business?