We stopped by Aerial Innovations to talk with owner, Colette Eddy and her awesome crew! Colette shares her story on

how she began her business, the struggles she faced, her biggest tip for business owners and entrepreneurs, and somuch more! Colette also shares some interesting details about being a women-owned company in a such a male dominated industry… awesome!

We also got the chance to talk with many of the crew members of Aerial Innovations while on site. We chatted with Julie Palermo as she prepared for takeoff at the a local airport to the office. She filled us in on their flight plans and shared where they were headed and the shots that they planned on taking. Along with her on the flight was Chief Pilot of West Florida Helicopters, Brennan Schram. Another member of the team that we got to meet with was Stephanie Smith. Stephanie shared her favorite part about working for Aerial Innovations and why she loves her job! Two other additions to Colette’s crew were Migdalia Bergen, aka Dali, and Jason Stephens.

Connect with Aerial Innovations through their sites below!

Website; Facebook, Twitter

Also check out West Florida Helicopters here.



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