Immediately the song lyrics come to mind…”this is a man’s world….” BUT it’s not right now. Actually, women are dominating the entrepreneur world at the moment whether they dropped out of the corporate world, are a stay at home mom or just ready to take the entrepreneurial leap. [pullright float=”alignright”] “Men have been dominating the business world for years, but women have certainly started creating ripples in the entrepreneurial race. If you are getting ready to take the plunge into opening your own business, or making your idea a reality, then buckle yourself down and get ready for a ride…” [/pullright]

So many entrepreneurs think that you have to have investors, money, a fancy office etc. to start a business and this is 100% not true. I wanted to share why this is not true and that you CAN start a business with hardly anything at all. Check out this article I wrote through YEC Women for about “Women Succeeding In A Man’s World.”  If you’re a fan of the Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen, you will love this article!

Are you a woman entrepreneur about to take the leap into the business owner world?