Leah and I made our way over to Aerial Innovations to get the story behind Colette Eddy and how she made her company a very well-known and respected business in the aerial industry. A few months ago we came across Colette and Aerial Innovations and immediately we were intrigued by their business and that it’s women owned in a male dominating industry. Colette shared some amazing things with us and we can’t wait to share her story but you will have to stay tuned for the interview BUT in the mean time you can check out this behind the scenes look at the interview and check out Aerial Innovations at their website.

This is Julie and Brennan discussing the shots they have to get up there while flying high in the skies. Julie has been Colette’s right hand person since the business started and she definitely knows her stuff. Brennan is a contract pilot that has been working with Julie for over 2 years. This was after we held them down and made them chat with us (ok, we didn’t hold them down but we did make them chat with us). 

This is when Julie and Brennan headed out to the helicopter to start their day which was one fantastic fall day I’ll add!  

Julie and Brennan were taking off…

Chatting with Colette before we shot the interview and background of how she built Aerial Innovations.