As you know we love sharing about our adventures we have here on the show in our “behind the scenes” posts. We recently visited Boggy Creek Airboat Rides to tell the story of how they started and later became one of the top must see tourism spots in FL. It started with a husband/wife team and a six passenger airboat. Stay tuned for the story…Here are a few pictures captured while we were there and our good friend Chelsea came along for the ride with us (we literally told her she had to wrestle a gator and of course she was on board.)

In this photo Robert is chatting with our awesome tour guide, Jeff, who loves giving tours to show people the “real” FL.

In this photo, Robert and Leah answer “Dear Robert” questions. Just as we were in the middle of shooting an airboat decides to blow by that literally sounded like a Boeing flying by.

Robert and Leah getting in the zone to answer “Dear Robert” questions.