Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder of the start-up:

CEO Hanan Lavy, an experienced manager and a parent of two kids, and CTO Dr.Dror Zernik, a successful entrepreneur and father of three kids. Both founders are internet security and child safety experts, that care about children being exposed to potentially abusive interactions on social networks, instant messaging services and across the web.

What sparked the idea for United Parents:

While accompanying his nephews on their first exploration of the web, Hanan began to realize the risks that they could encounter. This led Hanan to find a solution that would help their parents accompany them on the web, while still enabling them to enjoy the internet, and keep their private life private. After searching for such a service and having no luck, Hanan got in touch with Dror, in which he too had been looking for such a program… the two then decided to create this brainchild, and the idea was born!

Some background on United Parents:

Throughout the “garage time” (the first two years), the company was surrounded by volunteers for the community. These volunteers consisted of people that believed in the common goal of “keeping kids safe online while enabling them to be a part of this experience and respecting their privacy.”

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love that the United Parents crew is all about continuing to keep their children’s privacy, private. The web today has so many things that could be devastating to kids and young teens, and we hear about them daily. Why wouldn’t parents want to protect their children and divert any and all of the malicious content away from them?

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