Last week we had the pleasure of chatting with Scott and Nancy Cook of Sarasota Guitar Company and Immediately they welcomed us when we walked through the door as most awesome business owners do. They had a great story about how they started out with one guitar and a flea market (yes, it’s true!) Would love to tell you the story but you will just have to stay tuned for the interview.

This is where Scott shared how he started his business with one guitar in a flea market and what it takes for him to run his business on a day to day basis. Any time I asked Scott about music his eyes would light up and you can instantly see his passion for what he does.

Nancy caught this photo and yes I think I was mid sentence when she snapped it.

He literally did not want to be on camera but little did he know that I snapped a photo of him too.

I have never played the guitar or an instrument for that matter but I have always been obsessed with how cool guitars look by themselves.

Why should you check out SGCNation?

  1. They have a cool story.
  2. Passion pours out of them even mentioning the word “music.”
  3. Whether you want to learn to play or upgrading your guitar they cover it all.
  4. AND they have a long running history of experience in the music industry behind them.

We had a blast with Scott and Nancy, and can’t wait to share their story with you so stay tuned. Don’t forget to visit them at SGCNation and