Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder of the start-up:

Robert Livingstone is the owner and founder of Ideal Cost.

What sparked the idea for Ideal Cost:

The idea for Idea Cost came to Robert while working many years as a credit card processing agent. While working in this industry, he began to realize that merchants were quite frustrated with the credit card industry. He saw their dissatisfaction and annoyance as the fees continuously increased. Knowing that the industry he worked for was largely unregulated and lacked transparency, Robert decided to take action.

“One day I realized that merchants needed more choices than just switching from one credit card processor to another and that there wasn’t any truly unbiased firm that stood up for merchants and their rights.  It was at that time that I decided to become a true advocate for merchants and give them an alternative to the hassles and expenses of switching credit card processors and negotiate better fees on their behalf.”

Some background on Ideal Cost:

Robert used his experience in the industry and leveraged what he had learned to best help merchants. Ideal Cost started as a firm helping local businesses in South Florida and have grown tremendously to serving merchants across America.  Since the beginning, their team has analyzed and consulted on over $2 Billion in credit/debit card volume.

Robert describes Ideal Cost as having a “set of services that are extremely unique.”  Their most popular program is the “merchant savings program.” This program offers a negotiation of card acceptance fees on behalf of their clients on contingency. “That means if we can’t prove that we actually showed our clients a savings, then our service is free.” Ideal Cost’s clients do not lift a finger, as they would say, and yet they save money every month they continue the service.

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love that Robert used his knowledge and skills to better a problem that many people and business owners face each and every day. Everything about credit cards can be a headache… but Robert and his team are working to bring that level of stress down, AWESOME!

We also love that they are 100% working for the merchant, always keeping their best interest in mind. One less worry for business owners to have day-in and day-out!

Be sure to connect with Ideal Cost through their links below, and see the awesome benefits available to you by using their services!

Connect with Ideal Cost:

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