Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder of the start-up:

Abhi Lokesh and Alex Theodore are the co-founders of Fracture. “Abhi is the financial/business administrative, peanut butter loving end and Alex is the mad scientist in charge of product research and developing.”

What sparked the idea for Fracture:

While traveling in Swazliand, Africa, Alex and Abhi were doing work for a non-profit organization involving an online art gallery.The gallery inspired them to reflect upon their experiences in Africa, enabling them to see the “real problem in photo printing these days.” Their enlightening led the pair to seek out an easier and more affordable way for people to print their personal digital photos.

Some background on Fracture:

A fracture is “the new picture frame.” As described on their site, a fracture is a one piece picture and frame made from printed glass that mounts directly to the wall quickly and easily. The simple process includes uploading a photo, customizing it, and ends with hanging your fracture.

When you break down it’s name, Fracture actually comes from the two words, “frame” and “picture” (fun fact). One thing unique about Fracture’s service is that in this ever so digital and “cloud based” world, they are bringing their consumer an actual tangible product. Fracture and it’s team pride themselves on making their product as simple and easy to use photo decor that anyone can buy.

“We take on the challenge of giving the customer the best of both worlds: a product manufactured with them in mind and a service platform that creates a positive experience. We do all of this onsite in our factory in Gainesville, Florida.”

Why we think they’re awesome:

What is not to love?! Being photography buffs, we are loving fractures and the beautiful pictures that they create! These awesome creations are painless in the aspects of searching for frames, printing out the picture, and hanging them… its an all inclusive deal.

We love that Alex and Abhi took something having been around for ages, and gave it their own twist inspired by personal experiences… completely perfecting and forever changing digital picture printing.

A special thanks to Sarah Russell for coordinating with this piece! =)

Connect with Fracture:

Website; Twitter; Facebook