Everyone knows what a headache it can be when trying to find the right credit card processor for your small business. There are so many processors to choose from out there but how do you know if you’re picking the right one and if they are truly legit? That’s where Fee Fighters comes in and relieves you of your headaches and saves you 40% on average with your credit processing. We got the chance to chat with Sheel Mohnot, Biz Development and Partnership Ninja of Fee Fighters, where he breaks down how it works and how it all started. Sheel also shares a story about the run in they had with the Better Business Bureau and the truth behind the organization (and yes we can say we 100% agree). This is great for your small business so make sure and check it out. Contact Sheel personally and he will hook you up. Also, make sure and learn more about their payment gateway here.

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About FeeFighters.com:

FeeFighters is a comparison shopping website for credit card processing. Our unique auction process and comparison engine allows us to save businesses 40% on average on their credit card processing. FeeFighters is quick and simple and all of the processors that bid on our site are vetted and certified by the FeeFighters to ensure ethical behavior and top-notch service. (taken from FeeFighters.com)
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About Sheel Mohnot:

Sheel is the Business Development and Partnership Ninja at Fee Fighters. Prior to FeeFighters, Sheel worked as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. His startup experience includes founding an e-retailer and an online magazine, and he also worked to get Kiva.org off the ground as their first director of online marketing. Sheel holds a BS in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan . In his spare time, he loves exploring the outdoors, dreaming up business ideas, and curates a South Asian Open Mic Night in Chicago.
Connect with Sheel:
Email: Sheel(at)feefighters.com
Twitter: @pitdesi

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