Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder of the start-up:

The founder and primary owner of MeetingWave is John Boyd.

What sparked the idea for MeetingWave:

Having done a lot of business travel in his life, John began noticing that his dinner plans getting the grunt of moving around so often. He recalls most of his dinners as eating alone in the hotel room, or by grabbing a bite in his hotel restaurant, seeming to always take notice of the many other unaccompanied business travelers. These nights eventually led John to spark an idea for a tool to end these nights and ultimately bring business travelers together. As the idea grew in his head, John began brainstorming on a site that enabled travelers like himself to meet new people on the road or near home/work, providing targeting, privacy and controls.

Some background on MeetingWave:

Although John came up with the idea in February 2000, it was not until July 2007 that the site was launched, and renamed in 2008. John describes the core purpose of MeetingWave as a tool used for “helping people meet the right new people over coffee, lunch, dinner or other meeting activity.” Knowing the crazy and hectic lives of business travelers, along with the uncertainty of meeting new faces online, John and the MeetingWave team have implemented a number of privacy controls, verification features and flexibility. The site allows users to describe the type of people they would like to meet without disclosing their name or contact information, and does not ask them to commit to a meeting unless ready and interested in meeting the those who rsvp. “Arrange face-to-face meetings with new business contacts with control, privacy and flexibility.”

MeetingWave launched their mobile apps and private label Saas versions this year.

(A note from John…)
We recently launched the dead simple tool to allow users to surf safer online called  Namely, we allow users to create a simple profile page with verified work or alumni information.

Here are two examples:

A user can sign up, verify they “own” either a work or alumni email address by clicking through the verification email we send and the verified email domain (e.g., or gets displayed on their profile.”

They can then share that profile url with others (and ask others to share the same) when using LinkedIn, Craigslist, VRBO/Airbnb, social network, dating sites, blog comments, etc.

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love that John saw problem and took it upon himself to fix it! We can only imagine how many other business travelers like him were struggling to enjoy their evenings after long work days in new cities/states. What a great concept!

Something else that we love about MeetingWave is the precautions that they take when new users sign up… they ensure your privacy and do not disclose any information you would not want shared. Awesome service!

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