We love sharing behind the scenes with you here on the BB show. Whether you get a laugh or you just get a glimpse of how much fun we have here on the show this is footage we take while shooting the show and creating custom commercials.


The first videos and photos here are from Dogids.com They are an amazing company that make incredible dog collars, accessories and oh so much more. We agree with them that dogs are definitely man’s best friend. So we decided to take our dogs on a day outing to the beach to show you just how great these collars are. It’s pretty obvious that Conner, Chase and Stoli had the time of their life (and even tried to sneak some of the jerky).

The awesome thing about these collars are they don’t make noise, you never have to worry about losing your pet with your phone # on the plate and you can tell it has durability just by touching it.


House of Jerky

The other commercial we shot is for House of Jerky. Let me tell you, this jerky is AWESOME. The first one I tried is the Turkey Teriyaki Jerky and it was so good I ate the whole thing after just taking it out of the box. Janie was so kind to send us one of every flavor so we could try it and we can honestly say they are all mouth-watering. We decided to shoot this showing just how great this snack can be no matter where you take it whether it’s on the road, at the beach, biking etc.

House of Jerky takes pride in what they do and what they produce. Another thing we love about them is their support for the troops. They are doing some amazing things for the guys overseas. Learn more about it and how you can help at their website.