Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder of the start-up:

The founder of Grill Charms is Leslie Haywood.

What sparked the idea for Grill Charms:

The story of Grill Charms begins with a simple mistake of meat off the grill. As year round grillers, Leslie and her husband have a love for tasty marinades, rubs and sauces. One spring evening, the couple found themselves hosting a dinner party with friends. Leslie describes the event as follows… “I like to walk on the mild side, while my husband likes everything blazing hot.  Like the wonderful husband that he is, he always accommodates my tastes (or tries to anyway).  He proceeded to make some spicy jerk and some mild.  After a few of “the beverages”, watching the kids run around, talking to his friends and just plain ol’ enjoying the warm spring evening, by the time he brought the platter to the table, he had forgotten which chicken was which.”

You can only imagine where this led to… =)

Leslie admits to getting a little angry at the spicy mouthful from the grill, but she also admits that that night, Grill Charms was born.

Some background on Grill Charms:

Grill Charms are best known for avoiding mix ups on grill… With these charms, grillers can distinguish hot, medium and mild for the loved ones they are cooking for! Those who like it HOT can get their meat HOT, and vice versa! Grill Charms also offers a steak collection in which grillers can distinguish medium cooked steaks, medium-rare, well-done and so on!

Grill Charms has several other collections available on their site, be sure to check them out! =)

Why we think they’re awesome:

In 2006, Leslie was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to have a bilateral mastectomy in August of 2006… right in the middle of the launching of Grill Charms. We loved that Leslie was so open about her journey and we think it is amazing that she chooses to share that with our viewers. As we always say, these are real people, and real business owners.

Something that we found very special about Grill Charms and their products is how they involved Leslie’s fight with breast cancer by offering a Pink Collection of charms (seen to the left). These charms include several symbols for women along with the internationally recognized “Pink Ribbon.” We love her support for other women experiencing what she went through =)

Be sure to connect with Leslie and Grill Charms through their links below, and check out their awesome products!

Connect with Grill Charms:

Website; Twitter; Facebook