Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder of the start-up:

The founder of AnyMeeting is Costin Tuculescu.

What sparked the idea for AnyMeeting:

Years ago, Costin identified an opportunity in the webcasting marketplace that allowed for higher revenues when compared to the “traditional subscription model.” Jumping on the idea, Costin launched a completely free, ad-supported webinar and web conferencing service that provides all the same premium features that major competitors like WebEx and GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar offer.

Costin believes that by providing these services for free, they are enabling companies to grow quickly, while also bringing AnyMeeting to the ever expanding small business market.

Some background on AnyMeeting:

AnyMeeting is a free web conferencing service for any type of online meeting or conference. Costin and his team have built a service based on the company’s proven Software as a Service platform, and continues to exceed other rival applications on the market. As a meeting host using AnyMeeting, you are allowed to invite up to 200 attendees per meeting without a time restriction. Video broadcasting has also been added along with a new integrated PayPal webinar ticketing system. As an advertiser supported service, they have no need to charge customers or offer free trials! Gotta love it!

Why we think they’re awesome:

For one, we love when businesses focus their services on small businesses, because after all… we do make up over 90% U.S. businesses! Not to mention, AnyMeeting is a free service and is so user friendly, how could you resist?!

We love what these guys are doing and their mentality of offering such a cool service at no charge. After all, their “AnyMeeting mantra” is — “Make the Best Online Meeting Service, and Make it Free.”

Be sure to check out AnyMeeting for your next online meeting, and connect with them through their links below!

Connect with AnyMeeting:

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