We love waking up and reading things like this. This is not “stuck on stupid” on the restaurant owner’s part it’s the customer…

So a customer tweeted her opinion of the staff while sitting in the restaurant saying “that the bartender was a ‘twerp.’ An employee happened to be scanning their Twitter feed when the woman sent out the tweet and told the owner/manager about it. The manager asked to speak to the woman and asked her to leave the restaurant immediately.

Too many customers often think they have the upper hand with using social media to vent out their every thought about something or someone in this case. Social media has turned into a place for pesky customers to complain about ridiculous things where usually they just want something for free. It’s getting old and business owners are putting their foot down as they should. As a business owner you have every right to kick out or fire a customer. So all we can say is good for you Mr. awesome restaurant owner who knows how to take care of his employees. What he did shows to his employees how much he cares and respects his staff. So lady who tweeted “twerp” out loud or out into the “Twitter universe” you are Stuck on Stupid.

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