About Future Simple:

We are always in search of great things for small business owners and we came across Future Simple and immediately knew we had to chat with them. Gary Gebenlian who is VP of Marketing at Future Simple took the time to chat with me about the company, how it came about, what they offer and even the ups and downs they faced building this business. Future Simple breaks down into PipeJump and QuoteBase. PipeJump is the simple and affordable solution that has everything you need to take control of your sales funnel. QuoteBase is the simple and easy way to create quotes for your business.

About Gary:

Gary Gebenlian is VP of Marketing at Future Simple, a company that builds simple and intuitive small business software to help businesses grow and thrive. Future Simple created PipeJump – a simple CRM that helps small businesses manage their sales and contacts and QuoteBase, which helps small businesses quickly prepare great looking price quotes. Also, Future Simple’s Growth University small business blog brings educational tips to small businesses.

Connect with Future Simple:

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Gary is an awesome guy that loves what he does and has so much advice to offer through Future Simple and as an entrepreneur. Enjoy the interview and let Gary know that you liked it too! Gary and I actually did the interview via Skype video but apparently we were both having issues so we had to go with audio which means you can pop it on your iPod and take it on the go…oh yeah.

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