Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder behind the Start-Up:

Founder and CEO, Michael Langer, believes that StuffBuff technology gives online buyers and sellers more freedom and fun than ever before.

What is StuffBuff:

StuffBuff is a social commerce marketplace with a decentralized approach to eCommerce.” With StuffBuff you can Buy, Sell or “Stuff It.”

Shopping at StuffBuff is easy! Upon reaching the site, you are offered a number of ways in which you an begin shopping. The site gives you daily deals in which you can search through, StuffBuff best sellers, what’s new to the site, and you can also shop by category!

StuffBuff prides itself on bridging the gap between content and commerce. The site partnered up with over 50 blogs previous to their official launch to kick-start their services for customers. You can check out a demo blog of how this works here.

Why we think they’re awesome:

One thing that really caught my eye on the StuffBuff website was a blurb about the company located near the bottom of the page. After reading this, it was apparent that the StuffBuff team is passionate about what they are doing and truly want to bring their customers a new and better way of organizing, buying and selling!

The StuffBuff team is working to bring you a simple way to get what you want. They describe the process as if you are skimming through a magazine or blog and come across a product that you just have to have. Instead of wasting time and searching through eCommerce sites, StuffBuff is “syndicating eCommerce so that retailers can reach their audience where they are and customers can buy the things that they love in the places that they discover them.”

We love that StuffBuff is bringing something new to the eCommerce table! Creativity is one of the most important characteristics of entrepreneurs… and they’ve got it! Ebay watch out =)

Check out their marketplace here!

Connect with them:

Website; Facebook; Twitter; Blog