Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder behind the Start-Up:

Kelly Mayes is the President and CEO of Sniffle Buddies.

What sparked the idea for Sniffle Buddies:

The story of Sniffle Buddies begins with Kelly’s son, who unfortunately suffers from many allergies including almost all “outdoorsy” allergies (grass, trees, mold, feathers, dust, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.). Kelly After watching her son in the hospital for breathing problems at age 2, Kelly had to keep a close eye on him for any eye rubbing or sniffling while out playing with friends. Kelly later got the idea to place a tube sock over his hand and wrist, allowing him to still rub his eyes for relief, while trying to prevent germs from getting into his eyes. This led Kelly to start looking into types of fabrics and what would be best for her son.

“I tried hemp, soy, cotton, poly blends, a variety of bamboo blends and eventually settled on Bamboo Velour (70% Organic Bamboo / 28% Organic Cotton / 2% poly for stretch).  Bamboo is “said to be” antibacterial/antifungal, but the FTC has not proven that to be a fact.  Nonetheless, bamboo is breathable, cashmere-like soft, eco-friendly, washable, and more absorbent than cotton.  The velour handled repeated washings and stayed soft.”

The background of Sniffle Buddies:

Sniffle Buddies might have began as a simple fix for Kelly’s son and his allergies, but the “Green America Approved Business” product has turned into a phenomenon that children as well as adults can use to do away with the annoying sniffles! From ski resorts to senior living catalogs and pediatric suppliers, people are raving about this product and the issues it has solved for them!

Sniffle Buddies specializes in Allergies, Special Needs and Sports. They offer 7 different colors among the 3 sizes offered (child, child “Over the Coat” and adult).

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love what Sniffle Buddies is doing because it targets a specific audience, but not just one audience… children just as much as adults. Children can use the Sniffle Buddies to help ease their allergies or cold sniffles while on the go or outside playing with friends. While adults can use Sniffle Buddies as an active band for allergies and sports! Not to mention that Kelly created the product as an inspiration of her son — now that’s love! =)

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