Oh the days that we find videos (or should I say that people send them to us) that we just can’t help but comment on. This video was sent over to us by Randee. It’s by ConsumerReports.org talking about how bad customer service is in businesses and the top companies who have been noted for bad customer service lately. While informative (and agreeing about there are too many “voice” recorder menus now) it shows a man who got a large TV for free. How? By complaining about it on Facebook. But here’s the best part…Consumer Reports basically is saying that if you’re a customer you should let your voice be heard via social media and complain away.

This is exactly what we are talking about on our show how customers are taking advantage of businesses because they want things for free. Customers (non-business owners) truly don’t realize what it takes to run a business and how much things cost. The price they price their services or product at is to cover all of the overhead they have to pay whether it’s materials, their employees, fees, utilities, gas, insurance etc. So for a customer to have a “slightly not so bad customer service experience” and blow it up all over the place just to get something for free is RIDICULOUS. Customers wonder why business people are in bad moods, it’s because of these CustoMonsters out there.

If you’re a customer and you have done this I would love for you to tell me your reasoning behind why you complained and the REAL reason.