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The founder behind the Start-Up:

Jeff Harris founded TalkWheel in 2010 while on a crusade to better online communication.

The background of TalkWheel:

Jeff found himself frustrated while trying different methods of online communicating, so he decided to take matters into his own hands by creating TalkWheel. TalkWheel is a real-time discussion platform whose round-table design makes group conversation more interactive then standard linear methods of communication like forums, email, and IM.Studies have shown that American workers associate “communication bottlenecks or lack of information most negatively impact productivity.” Talkwheel believes that you cannot fix these
problems by relying on the same method of communication that we have for a decade.

Talkwheel is designed as a round-table with the conversations organized around users so that the conversation threads are easier to follow and conversations are more robust. It’s like going to a restaurant with your family. You never sit at the bar because you cannot see nor talk with everyone in the conversation, but when you sit around the dinner table, you can visually follow the conversation easily.”

What sparked the idea for TalkWheel:

While working on another project called iDebators, where people would debate daily on hot political topics, Jeff came to realize that the available discussion platforms would not support his project. This sparked Jeff to redesign the conversation model around a group setting, instead of one-on-one communication.

Within a month, TalkWheel will have over 5 million users will be using Talkwheel’s patented round-table design for their conversations. AWESOME!

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love that once Jeff found a problem that he realized needed fixing, his passion drove him through to create TalkWheel. TalkWheel stands apart from all other discussion platforms in that, it is not formatted linearly, as most others are. The platform enables “paramount” discussions of today’s age to not just stack comment upon comment, but to organize the discussion and allow numerous people to join in without confusion and frustration.

Connect with them:

Website; Facebook; Twitter (Talk Wheel); Twitter (Jeff)

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