People don’t give the small family businesses a lot of credit and there are so many things you can learn from these people that it’s a whole education just sitting there if you actually take the time to listen.

We are getting ready to really get on the road and talk with small family businesses across the US where we share their stories of struggle, everyday life as business owners and of course their CustoMonster stories.  Check out a few of our recent interviews with family business owners from coast to coast that will inspire you.

HLSI – Hawaii Lifeguard Surf Instructors
They 100% love what they do, teach others, embrace their employees and even bring joy to others through their surfing knowledge.

Florida Orange Groves Winery
Vince started this years ago with a vision of “wines that take you away to another place.” He shares his struggles of what it’s like running a winery, dealing with vendors and what it takes to succeed runnig a business with family. (part 1 of 2)

Red’s All Natural Burritos
Mike has an inspiring story of how he left the corporate world to create a business based on their Tuesday burrito nights with family and friends.