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The founder behind the Start-Up:

Laura Miranti is the founder and owner of Board Book Albums. With a background as a CPA and with four large accounting firms, Laura always longed to have her own business. With her husband Chris and four children, Slone, Marren, Lucia and Lorén, Laura gets to spend more time at home with her kids while running her successful dream business!

What sparked the idea of Board Book Albums:

Laura describes the idea that “sparked” Board Book Albums as inspired by her daughter. While her daughter Lucia was taking speech therapy, her therapist suggested that Laura make a photo album including photos of friends and family, and other objects that she could recognize to help her during therapy. After she had completed it, Lucia regrettably destroyed the album… forcing Laura to come up with another more “kid-friendly” alternative.

After an unsuccessful search for a sturdy album durable enough for Lucia’s little fingers, Laura began brainstorming and ended up with the Take Your Pix® board book photo album (patent pending) with thick pages as seen in children’s books.

The background of Board Book Albums:

Alas, the idea was born! Not only has the album been a complete success for Laura and Board Book Albums, but it has also been a great learning tool for her children, including Lucia.

“Studies have shown that young children only have object recognition with photos. This means that before the age of two, they can not relate a drawing of an object with the actual object, but they can relate a photo of the object with the actual object. My hope is that many children will enjoy our board book style photo album. Kids with autism, speech delay, or other special needs may find it particularly beneficial as a learning tool, or just something fun to create with their own favorite photos.”

Take Your Pix® board book albums come in a variety of colors that can all be located for purchase on the website here. Check out other products and everything going on at their website as well, we definitely saw some cool scrap-booking ideas on there as well!!

Why we think they’re awesome:

By filling a need for something as simple as a sturdy album for her daughter, Laura has created a learning tool for children with special needs, as well as those with normal development. We love that Laura saw a problem and took it upon herself to find the solution, not to mention that she is now sharing it with the world!

We love, love, love supporting mom entrepreneurs and showcasing all of the amazing products and services that women have created! Laura is one of those special ladies that has created an awesome product (inspired by her daughter!) and just ran with it! We need more entrepreneurs like this everyone! Keep it up Miranti family!

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