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The founder behind the Start-Up:

Schedulicity was founded by the current Chairman and CEO, Jerry Nettuno.

Nettuno has been an experienced entrepreneur throughout his career. He co-founded Milestone Financial Group which was later acquired by Raymond James, Inc.  Following this, he joined his three brothers in launching Nettworth Financial Group in 1995. In 2003, Nettuno departed Nettworth to found Schedulicity. In the 1980’s, Nettuno was the youngest Vice President in history at First Investors Corporation, managing 12 offices. Early in his career, he was a professional musician with national touring bands. He recorded multiple albums, received Song of the Year honors, State Fiddle Champion twice, was selected as a Grammy Voter and has played with many acclaimed musicians.

Pretty cool huh? =)

What sparked the idea of Schedulicity:

The idea came to Jerry while planning his vacation trip to Europe, within minutes he had made airline arrangements, hotel confirmations etc., but yet he was struggling to make a simple appointment for a haircut. After playing phone tag for a couple of days, he decided that there should never be this kind of a headache when trying to schedule appointments!

That was when the obvious customer and business demand for an easier way to schedule appointments hit him. Jerry created Schedulicity to help consumers schedule millions of appointments each day with service professionals, such as hair stylists, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc.

What is Schedulicity:

Schedulicity makes finding a time slot that is mutually agreeable to both the consumer and professional much less of a daunting task. As a leader in online appointment scheduling, Schedulicity is working to help small businesses save hours of unnecessary time spent while scratching appointment times in and out of schedules.

“These businesses are able to easily and effectively attract new business, increase the frequency with which their current clients book appointments, and concentrate on providing the best possible service during their business hours (instead of worrying about missing and returning phone calls).”

In just 15 minutes for $19 a month, a service professional can be set up via Schedulicity, preventing them from ever not booking an appointment due to the time it is booked.

Also check out their new Deal Manager. This scheduling service enables appointment-dependent businesses to disclose the maximum number of appointments that can be generated over the lifespan of a given promotion or deal that they might be running. The service also configures how many promotional appointments will be accepted per day or for the entire duration of the deal. Making it unbelievably easy for your business!

Why we think they’re awesome:

One thing we think is really great about Schedulicity is that they offer online service scheduling 24 hours a day through their multiple digital channels! This is just one way in which Schedulicity takes care of their customers to make sure that they are satisfied with the services.

We also really like that Schedulicity integrates their services of the appointment scheduling process through Facebook and their Facebook widget. Awesome!

Be sure to check out their website and social medias below… especially the service offered on Facebook!

Connect with them:

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