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The founders behind the Start-Up:

Twin brothers, Michael Hartmann and Edmund Hartmann, combined their knowledge and skills from over the years to create their company, Micheal is a licensed life insurance agent and has previous experience as an owner/operator and as the General Security Principal of NT Securities. While his brother, Edmund, comes from an extensive background in the export and brokering industry, helping to shape the direction of our company and service.

What sparked the idea of

After the passing of the twins’ father, they went to their mother to find out if she had life insurance, and if so, where she and their father had kept it. Michael, Edmund and their sister soon came to realize, that at the time there were no government, national or statewide database to search for a loved one’s life insurance if someone needed to. Not only that, but they also found out that of the nearly 2000 life insurance agencies, if your information was lost, there would be virtually no way of ever finding the policy.

After speaking with countless life insurance agencies, the brothers came to find out that the agencies wanted nothing to do with them and their questions… claiming that they would cause too many claims! Naturally, this sparked an idea.

What is

Michael and Edmund Hartmann have worked extremely hard to make sure that their customers feel secure and at ease while using their service, as well as afterwards when the policy has been found. No social security number is needed, nor policy numbers etc. The website simply asks for the company’s name, and not to mention, their service is free to register! A small $9.95 is required by the beneficiary when the time comes to search their database for the policy. Whether the time comes 20, 30 or 40 years from now, all of your information is safe in the database until the time you need it.

“We are truly a ‘Consumer Protection Service.’ Our goal is to get the word out and be the only Central Database for Life Insurance.”

Why we think they’re awesome:

Not only do we love the fact that the Hartmann brothers have brought forth a service that was much needed, but we love that they did this out of the love and concern for their mother and father. offers a service that has a crucial need among those unsure of their life insurance policy and where to find it. We believe that they are doing all of us a great service and applaud them! Passion is definitely not missing in this family!

In honor of their father, the duo have been donating a portion of every $9.95 search on to cancer research. This is an incredible gift that the family continues to share by commemorating their father and his passing from cancer.

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