We have a ton of peoplea ask us how they can get their business in the press and get journalists to write about them. So we decided to throw out some tips to you awesome business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs that have always helped us.

  • Be on Target: This means don’t pitch them something way off base because most likely they will toss it and not consider you again if you keep sending them emails.
  • Don’t fluff too much: One thing that is just utterly annoying is when people fluff up their story or add all their credentials to the story. JUST DON’T. Be straight forward while being short and sweet.
  • Get personal: Reporters have a TON Of emails that flood their inbox and most say the same thing over and over. Remember that being personal can go a long way and you become memorable (trust us, it works).
  • Learn about the reporter/journalist: Do some background work and learn about the reporter you’re getting ready to pitch. Read some of their articles so you know what they write about and their topics so you can makes sure your story fits with their writing style.