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The founder behind the Start-Up:

Priya Jaggia is the founder and owner of Chipkos. With a background in education, Priya decided to transition into the business and entrepreneur world on her own terms!

The background of Chipkos:

Chipkos is an eco-friendly footwear company, specializing in promoting nature preservation. With their main product, the Chipkos Original sandal, that is made from eco-friendly materials and is also connected with a rain forest preservation campaign. For every pair that they sell, Chipkos will adopt 100 square feet of the rain forest! Their efforts are currently preserving a rain forest found in a national park in Costa Rica. How COOL!?!? You can check out more about their One Million Square Feet campaign here where they are working to gather 1 million people to equal 1 million square feet protected!.

Something else really sweet about Chipkos is their slogan, “Stand for Square Feet.” The shoes are literally “squared,” yet they are aiding in the preservation of square footage in the rain forest… cool =)

You can also check out Chipkos‘ social media campaign called “Like for Squared Feet.” For every “like” received on Facebook, they will adopt a square foot of the rain forest! You can learn more about this campaign here and below through the Facebook link.

Why we think they’re awesome:

There is no hiding why we love Chipkos…. because not only are they awesome shoes made by an entrepreneur, but they are a green product that is helping give back to the environment!! Priya described Chipkos as “a wearable badge that can express your support for our environment and ultimately, for humanity!”We love what they are doing and applaud them, keep up the great work ya’ll! =)

Be sure to connect with Chipkos and check out their products as well as the awesome campaigns that they are doing to conserve our environment and wildlife!

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Connect with them:

Website; Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Flickr

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