Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

The founder behind the Start-Up:

Whitney Parshall is the founder and owner of Booth Girl Show Staffing, and recruited the help of Jean-Yves Hasson as her web/graphics designer, who helped her in branding and with the website design

What sparked the idea to create Booth Girl Show Staffing:

While working as an actress in NYC, Whitney began a part time job as a sales assistant in trade shows and promotional events. She began noticing that the most successful events and booths at the trade shows were those that were being run by very charismatic and entertaining people… those that knew how to “put on a show.” Whitney realized that the manufacturers and designers would not cut it as the salesmen in these situations, and that companies had a huge need for the model/performer type in their industry. Then it hit her… Why not gather these actresses/models that were in between jobs, like many are, and staff them as sale representatives for events and trade shows?

Not before long, Whitney was getting calls to staff events in NYC, as well as LA, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago and many others!

How Booth Girl Show Staffing works:

Getting in touch with them is easy! You simply email any information you have about the event or trade show that you would like to hire for, and they will get back to you with an estimate depending on your needs. After that you are assigned an assistant/”Booth Girl.” After familiarizing herself with the product information supplied to her she shows up 30 minutes ahead of time to get a quick run-through and then off to an amazing event!

“We make your life easy!!! Whatever Metropolitan area your event takes place we will staff your ‘Booth Girls’ locally. They are amazing personalities with true sales abilities who will do all the hard work for you!”

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love how Whitney came up with such a great idea, and just ran with it! Another thing that really sets her apart from the others is her experience as a sales assistant and “Booth Girl.” Whitney knows what it is like to be on the other side of the table and the needs that those employees face. She is very in tune with want the client wants from who they hire, as well as what the employees need too!

Connect with them:

Website; Facebook

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