Next up on the list of our Fav Things is the eco-friendly Green Garmento bag. We came across Rick and Jennie’s awesome product while searching for new start-up businesses (they were actually featured here on our Start-Up Spotlights segment!) We loved their idea of “green-ing” the dry cleaning industry, as well as bringing a green product for consumers to use as well! The gang over at the Green Garmento sent us over some bags to try out and we haven’t stopped using them since! Ashley just recently traveled to New Mexico for a wedding and stored her bridesmaid dress in it — and get this, NO WRINKLES! I can’t wait to use mine again on my upcoming trip!!

So check out the Green Garmento and connect with them through their website and social medias! You can find the Green Garmento for sale in numerous colors on their site too!

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