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The founders behind the Start-Up:

Founder of KarmaFile, Mitch Turck, began brainstorming on the start-up in 2009, on the idea that the world would be a much better place if everyone would just be honest… we are right there with you Mitch!! Check out KarmaFile‘s lead developer, Joshua Miller.

What sparked the idea to create KarmaFile:

The start-up’s story begins two years previous to the birth of KarmaFile, as Mitch found himself scuffling through hundreds of job applicants while working as a hiring manager. Turck admits how he dismissed countless resumes due to lack of time and money to spend on the interviews. Mitch’s idea for reviewing co-workers came about during the time of our recent recession, after being laid off from his job. He recalls not hearing back from numerous jobs as “karma,” due to his dismissals of so many resumes in the past. Another motive Turck had in creating KarmaFile was his passion for weighing user reviews. His interest in the method backs his belief that they are the closest thing to the truth that users will get. After all was said and done, Mitch and his crew launched the site in March of 2011.

What is KarmaFile:

KarmaFile is a peer review tool that lets you review your co-workers, as they can review you just the same. However, KarmaFile also takes the information given during the review, and looks for key information in which it then uses to plug into their unique “weighted formula built on years of hiring experience.” The equation then gives you an overall score for your employability, taking into account each review done about you from your co-workers. KarmaFile is completely anonymous, free, and allows you to better yourself as an employee and co-worker!

Why we think they’re awesome:

As most of you know, we LOVE entrepreneurs and people that take their lives and jobs into their own hands to do something that they love. We love that Mitch took a small idea, and just ran with it! We also want to applaud him on creating something to better other people’s lives. KarmaFile not only allows people to rate and to be rated, (to benefit themselves and other co-workers) but it also makes a move in the right direction to help people be more honest. Bonus points for sure!

Connect with them:

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