A viewer (Kelsey) wrote in to us this week about an incident that happened while they were at their local Starbucks in TX. We love it when these stories come in because it confirms that what we talk about on the show is literally “ignorance on display.”

“I walked into Starbucks the other day and waited in line like a normal person when a lady walks past the whole line and goes right up to the counter to say “I don’t have time to wait in the line I need to get my coffee to go now.” Everyone heard what she said and we all could not believe she skipped this long line of people because she was in a hurry. Another lady in front that she skipped kindly said to her “mam, you need to go back to the end of the line because everyone else has been waiting patiently and you need to do the same.” Well the lady didn’t like what she said and started yelling at her on how important her work was and turned back around to the employee. The girl behind the calendar hands her the coffee (mainly to get her out of the way) but turns out it was the wrong thing. The impatient woman takes the coffee and throws it back at the employee saying “you should not be working here and you’re an idiot, now get me the coffee I ordered.” The manager walks out and asks the lady to leave but she refuses. The manager finally says “mam you need to leave NOW.” The lady finally leaves while yelling as she walks out of the door.

I just don’t understand how people actually act like this in public. Thought you could use this for your show because they are definitely a CustoMonster.

WOW. Yes, I would say they are a CustoMonster. This happens all the time and it’s amazing to us how often it does too. Thanks for sharing your story Kelsey.

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