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The founders behind the Start-Up

The founders of the HopeFULL Company are sisters and best friends, Jessica Welsch and Stephanie Williams.

What sparked the idea to create the HopeFULL Company:

The HopeFULL Company came to fruition in a beautiful, organic way through a dear family friend who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in 2009.” Knowing that eating was no longer enjoyable for their friend, the two sisters joined forces to help provide her with small portions of food that was packed with nutrition and without strong flavors, and most importantly, food she could enjoy. A week later, Jessica and Stephanie put their passion into creating meal pops, these pops not only supplied their friend with nutrients, but they also helped to sooth her mouth during her fight. After another six months, their dear friend passed away. Having touched theirs as well as so many others’ lives, the sisters now dedicates some of its proceeds to local charities in her honor!

Background of the HopeFULL Company:

After spending about a year and a half researching and developing their product and recipes, Jessica and Stephanie launched their website in November of 2010.

The HopeFULL Company’s pops are not only nutrient dense and packed with super foods, but they are truly delicious. “People who are having trouble chewing and swallowing or are adverse to certain tastes, textures, or smells often resort to nutritionally limited single smooth foods like Popsicles, yogurt, applesauce or baby food  or they consume such products as Ensure or Boost.”

HopeFULLs provide a delicious solution to the devastating and frustrating effects of dysphagia, but also offer a way for friends and family to help their loved ones when they need it most.

Why we think they’re awesome:

It is no surprise why we absolutely love the HopeFULL Company! Jessica and Stephanie are proud of their products, and even more excited to provide a way to feed those having trouble eating while delivering a message of peace, hope and love. The HopeFULLS supply an awesome alternative that meets all of the needs of someone that might be struggling to find the nutrients necessary in life. These “nutrient dense” pops are packed with super foods and are absolutely delicious!

These two sisters have created a beautiful thing, in honor of a dear friend that they lost. We applaud these ladies and their accomplishments! Keep it up girls!

Be sure to connect with Jessica, Stephanie and the whole HopeFULL team through their site and social medias below!

Connect with them:

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