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The founders behind the Start-Up :

The founders of NeighborOil consists of a family office of which Paul Harkins is the co-founder and CEO.

What sparked the idea to create NeighborOil:

Paul and his gang were tired of following through the long and aggravating process of calling around trying to figure out current prices of oil… so they came up with the idea to create a better and easier way, that even the public could use — for FREE!

Background of NeighborOil:

NeighborOil is the start of a new currency (Neighbor Points) that will allow consumers to pay for local services through the use of points instead of just cash.  Imagine shopping for groceries and earning neighbor points that you can use to pay for oil, the landscaper or remodeling work – that is what we are creating.”

The NeighborOil team is working tobring you a place to buy home heating oil with reward points through their site, instead of cash. Joining is free and the reward points that are easy to earn! You can buy oil no matter where you live and have it delivered locally. NeighborOil also offers some great deals every two weeks, and your Neighbor Points earned convert into real cash when you buy oil! When you buy oil from them, you know you are getting the guaranteed best price. Check out more info on how it works here.

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love what NeighborOil is doing for their members. Not only are they offering a free sign-up, but they are guaranteeing the best price for something that we all use everyday! We always appreciate when we come across businesses that are doing something to help others!

Be sure to check out their website and become a member!

Connect with them:

Website; Twitter; Facebook

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