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The founders behind the Start-Up :

The founders of Wedding Bliss Lane, Sal and Jackie Asta, might have started with a custom invitation business, but before they knew it… they had created a monster (by monster, we mean AWESOMENESS!).

What sparked the idea to create Wedding Bliss Lane:

Wedding Bliss Lane began as an outgrowth of Sal and Jackie’s custom invitation business. While searching for places to sell their invitations, they came across the “usual suspects of websites” where business owners could buy and sell their products. However, after selling their wedding invitations on these sites as well as on their own, the Asta’s were unsatisfied with the results they were getting and knew that there had to be a better way to connect with brides and grooms.

Background of Wedding Bliss Lane:

Sal and Jackie knew from experience that brides and grooms are always in search of vendors to make their wedding absolutely beautiful! With so many vendors attending bridal shows and constantly looking for new ways to reach and connect with the couples, Sal and Jackie decided to bring the new era of the sometimes hectic journey! They thought, why not put together a site where the brides and grooms can seek out everything they need from one site? Naturally, the two came up wit the idea to create “an online marketplace where vendors can display all of their items with detailed descriptions and photos and where buyers can ask vendors questions about their items and make purchases quickly and easily.”

Wedding Bliss Lane is a place of convenience and expediency rather than spending countless hours searching on the Internet for shoes in one place, veils in another, favors yet another, etc.  There’s a vast array of new, used, budget friendly and top of the line items to cater to every bride. We also do a pick of the day on our Facebook and Twitter pages, showcasing an item of interest from one of our Vendors. To become a member is easy and free. Buying is a simple process and purchases are secured through Wedding Bliss Lane’s preferred payment method – Paypal. As a potential buyer, if there is an item you are interested in, you can add it to your favorites or in your shopping cart for future reference. You can also share the item with a friend, which sends them a link to the item via email.”

Why we think they’re awesome:

They make everything easy!! So much of today’s hustle and bustle can be blamed on stressful times such as wedding planning, but with a sophisticated marketplace such as Wedding Bliss Lane… why not make things easier on yourself!? We love the fact that Sal and Jackie have taken such a cool idea and put it online for all to use. By consolidating a bride’s shopping down to one website, as well as those in and attending the wedding, they are offering an incredible service to the industry!

With member and vendors all over the world (US, Israel, Philippines, Italy, France, and more!) Wedding Bliss Lane offers a wide variety of items available (2300 and growing) and many worthy features on the site.

Be sure to check out Wedding Bliss Lane and connect with them through the links below!

Connect with them:

Website; Twitter; Facebook

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