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The founders behind the Start-Up :

Over the past year, serial entrepreneurs Erick Bzovi and Lance Carlson have been developing HealPay, a web application that makes it easier for businesses to collect money. The pair is determined to make a splash in the red hot payments space.

What sparked the idea to create HealPay:

HealPay originally stemmed from noticing a neglect and lack of technology in debt collection. Bzovi and Carlson saw a huge problem with the way businesses collect money; most businesses still do not accept payments online. Creditors use either outdated technology (desktop applications vs online web applications), inefficient billing processes, and consumers prefer to pay online or through a mobile device. Our goal is to eliminate these problems and pain points that so many businesses face.

Background of HealPay:

HealPay is a web application that allows businesses to easily create and send out payment options to their customers. Providing your customers with a 10% discount or a 3 month payment plan is a cinch. “Think of it as QVC online.”  Erick Bzovi says. “Over and over again, we discovered that consumers respond with greater satisfaction and loyalty to businesses that offer flexible payment options” “As we continue to gather data, our smart billing engine recommends payment options with the highest conversion rates.” HealPay appears to have good market timing as well. Business debt has risen 65.9 percent over the last 10 years and that delinquency is rapidly rising. Moreover, the payments space is rapidly heating up as Google, Square, Paypal and Apple prepare for a market share war. HealPay is focused on servicing small and medium-sized businesses that have regular, on going billings. In addition, HealPay has been strategically licensing its software to municipalities, health care networks, law firms and financial institutions. “We feel HealPay provides a win-win for businesses and consumers,” Bzovi says

Why we think they’re awesome:

One thing that we love to share with our viewers is anything that can help or benefit their businesses… and HealPay does just that! By using their services, within minutes businesses & contractors can send invoices and offer flexible payment options to their customers —- for FREE! These guys work for your business to make sure that you are getting paid for your business’ services! This is an awesome company offering you an awesome product! =)

Be sure to connect with Erick, Lance and the rest of the HealPay team below!

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