Literally with these Stuck on Stupid pieces you can read the title and picture the whole story. How can you be an extreme coupon-er if you steal in the first place? I think they might also be CustoMonsters…

But in all seriousness a lady in TX was caught paying for one newspaper but also taking every other coupon insert out of the other newspapers. This was happening so often that owner of the vending machines had someone stake it out while catching the woman stealing the coupons. They got her license plate and turned her in.

I understand you want to save money and maybe that was her thought process but there are some lines you just don’t cross. Here’s the funny part: the woman stated that she would pay back the fines with the money she saved with the coupons she stole.

Dear extreme coupon-er burglar,

You get our Stuck on Stupid for the day.

You can read the full article and original story here at The Denton Record-Chronicle.