Reading the title is all you need to hear right? Well apparently a roofing company from Illinois was going around to natural disaster areas offering services to “fix-up” areas and houses but didn’t have a license with the state. They made a deal with a licensed contractor to pull permits for them and they would pay him 2 % of their profits. Yeah, you can see where this is going…

On top of this they put up a website warning others about roofers who were scamming people. “Being desperate leaves you open to being preyed upon by ‘drifter contractors’ who do not meet the standards of local state regulations,” was on the currently suspended website. And also on there read “insist on seeing roofing insurance, check that they have a legit office and make sure they are licensed.”

You can read the full story and details here on

I mean really guys? They win our Stuck on Stupid for the day today. At BB we are for the business owner but as we always say….there are some bad businesses out there and this is definitely one of them.